Welcome to the LCBW Photo Page. This will always be a 'work in progress', with photos swapped in and out from time to time. The latest photos will be here at the top, with archives below. Enjoy!!

The return of my Mackie 32-8 mixer. I now have the space to once again integrate it into the 'mix' (yawn...). (photo by CJ Scioscia)

HOLE IN THE SKY and RAZOR'S EDGE drummer Tom Goodwin in the control room after installing the lower wall trim. (photo by CJ Scioscia)

My SKULLSHIFTER bandmates Tom Nolz and Dan Davie in the control room after it was painted. (photo courtesy of J. Oldham)

This was the stage set-up for a video shoot with SKULLSHIFTER on 2 June 2008. (photo courtesy of J. Oldham)

Control area, January 2008 - I am standing behind the 2 Apple 20" cinema displays. For ProTools sessions, the EDIT window goes on the left with the MIX on the right. (photo courtesy of J. Oldham)

Control area, Octobre 2007 - Sitting in front of the displays. Hard to see what's on 'em, of course. (photo courtesy of J. Oldham)

SKULLSHIFTER, Octobre 2007 - my bandmates Tom, J. and Dan in the middle of a take during the sessions for our new CD, INNER DEMONS. Judging by the guitar and bass being used I say they're tracking "Last Mistake". (photo courtesy of J. Oldham)


CHAMBER DOOR, August 2004 - taken during the sessions for their 2nd CD, entitled The Second Chamber. Really good dudes and excellent musicians - shame they've all gone off to different colleges. They still get together and jam on their breaks.

L-R: Jon DiFiore, Jesse Bruch, Amir Lowe and Adam Cutrone.

These are my bandmates from SKULLSHIFTER - Dan Davie, J. McCaffrey and Tom Nolz. This photo is from August 2004, taken during the sessions for our debut CD, entitled Here In Hell. Note the Gene Simmons mask over Dan's right shoulder. ;-)

ALIEN SLAVES reunion jam, Novembre 2005. What a fun night... and one of the last sessions recorded on tape (remember tape??). I learned SO MUCH from these guys it ain't funny.

L-R: Scott Cumming, Gerry Griffin, John Fecher and Gerry Ross.

RAT RACE reunion jam, Decembre 2005. Luke flew in for the holidays so Soos set up a short gig between sets with his cover band. One night of rehearsal, then a 6-song set the next night. I recorded their final demo - half originals, half covers - back in the summer of 1994.

L-R: Jon Presnell, John Soos, Luke Darnell and Joe Young.

Geoff LaForge of the band OBVIATUS. This photo was taken in January 2006, during the sessions for a '2-song quickie'. ;-) The bulk of my live guitar rig is pictured, as is my trusty Boss CE-1. Geoff is playing my OLP MM-1, which is a great studio guitar. Lastly, note the original LCBW sign to the right.

At last, some meaningful gear. This is the house drum kit, a Sonor 6-piece with birch shells. Owned by SKULLSHIFTER drummer Dan Davie. He's allowed us to use his gear since we moved into our current home more than 4 years ago.

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