Le Chateau Bow Wow Recording is the creation of guitarist/engineer CJ Scioscia. A home recording "hobbyist" in his wee youth, CJ began by producing demos for his own band INSANIAC on his TASCAM 244 model 4-track Portastudio ("state-of-the-art" gear for the home studio… in the mid-'80s!) To offset his bands' rehearsal tab, CJ began his "formal training", spending nearly 3 years as an engineer at Merlin Music Studios in East Hanover, NJ. It was here at Merlin that CJ began building a reputation as a quality engineer and producer, as well as someone who was easy to work with, forming musical working relationships that would last to the present time.

Having amassed a sizeable arsenal of his own recording gear, CJ opened LCBW in 1993, essentially as a way to record his own original material in a grass-roots and inexpensive manner. As word got around of the high sonic quality of songs he was recording on only 8 tracks, local bands began to ask him to record their projects as well. This led to work with a host of local NJ acts including CHRONIC BREAKJOB, DIRT CHURCH, MIND ERASER, NO REFUND, RAT RACE and TICKLE among others.  (Don't see YOUR band listed? Click here for a complete list of past and present clients)  By 1997, LCBW was upgraded to a 16-track digital facility, and then to 24-tracks at the beginning of 2001.

Also in 1997, CJ received some international notoriety, teaming with vocalist Bartley Collins to form BONEDADDY and contributing associate production credits on all four of the KAOL (KISS Army OnLine) KISS Tribute benefit CDs, which featured bands from all over the world and which have earned over $15,000 for charity to date.  (For more info on KAOL and its contributions, go to the MusiCare Online website at www.musicareonline.org.

Originally, LCBW was housed in the basement of CJ's home in Bloomfield, NJ (when not doubling as a mobile studio). Those who remember that venue chuckle at the memory of CJ's "vocal booth" (the bathroom had a natural reverb thing!) However, the volume of the bands and the quantity of gear necessitated a larger space, and in May 2002 everything was moved lock, stock & barrel to the old Studio B at Earthquake Studios in Watchung, NJ.

In late 2005 LCBW began to make the leap from recording via digital tape to computer-based recording via ProTools. What was originally thought to be a lengthy transition period (6 to 12 months) became a permanent switchover within 2 months, when in January 2006 CJ ditched the tape machines for good. A major computer update/upgrade took place in Septembre 2007, with the installation of an Apple G5 featuring a 2.5 GHz dual processor and 5 GB of RAM. This lightning fast computer handled just about anything we threw at it. However, with technology moving ever forward, we again upgraded in the Summer of 2010 with the purchase of a brand new Intel-based Apple iMac. This beast of a machine sports a 27" display, a 2.66 GHz Nehalem quad core processor and 8 GB of RAM. It is currently running ProTools v8.0.3 LE, and runs up to 64 tracks at mixdown.

Also in 2010, LCBW made another considerable upgrade by moving to into Earthquake's old recording space. We now have a 19' by 21' live room, and a unique 'L-shaped' control room. While retaining the great sound quality we had in the old space, we now have what people consider a 'proper' recording environment - a control room with an engineer looking through the glass to an artist in the next room. The 'Hollywood' view, if you will.

Along with his duties at LCBW, CJ has also spent time on the road in recent years with the legendary NYC punk rock band THE DICTATORS as their road manager, and with the mighty grindcore innovators NAPALM DEATH as a backline technician. He also continues to perform live with both BONEDADDY and DEATH METALLIC.

On 2 Novembre 2010 CJ released his debut solo album, entitled Surface Tension. He expects to release a new album sometime in 2013.


33 Bonnie Burn Road
Watchung, NJ 07069

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